Mission Statement

The Richardson Hoops Basketball League was founded in June of 2012 with the idea of providing a recreational basketball league for the Community of Berks and surrounding communities.

It is the mission of Richardson Hoops Basketball League to provide and promote a safe, recreational basketball program for the local and surrounding communities.  Richardson Hoops Basketball League encourages good sportsmanship, developing strong playing skills, and promoting friendly relationships among the staff, players and referees.  It also is a positive environment for high school boy's, girls, college men, and women players to improve there basketball skills during their off season.  Richardson Hoops Basketball League will continue to make a positive place to play for high school, college, and adult players who love the game of basketball.

Richardson Hoops Basketball League will continue to be a positive place for today's youth and tomorrow's adults.


WELCOME TO Richardsonhoops

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"For The Love Of The Game"